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The computer department (completely - a department of computer technics, the software and means of training, further - DCT) is based in 2003 at the Odessa National I.I.Mechnikov University (further - ONU) as independent structural division (see. Regulation about a department) also it is subordinated to the assistant to the rector on computer and information technologies.

DCT is headed by the chief who is appointed to the post and dismisss by the ONU Rector on presentation of the assistant to the rector on computer and information technologies in the order, established by the legislation of Ukraine.

Now chief of the DCT is Dragunovsky Nikolay Nikolaevich .

The basic problems solved by DCT for now is:

  • Development and carrying out of a uniform technological policy on implementation, use and support of modern information technologies in ONU
  • Maintenance of development and functioning of corporate network ONU and necessary services

Basic DCT functions:

  • Prepares offers on introduction of modern information technologies on the basis of generalization and studying of needs of university and the best practices
  • Provides support and development computer networks (LAN) ONU
  • Provides carrying out and support jf the INTRANET-INTERNET technologies in work of divisions of University, maintenance of such access and consultation on the given question
  • Administers WWW. E-maіl, ftp and another servers of computer network ONU
  • Carries out technical expert appraisal and takes part in realization of the projects connected to a computerization and operation of complex technical systems which incorporate microprocessor techniques or microprocessor management
  • Carries out the comparative analysis and examination of new software products concerning their use in educational process and scientific-research part of ONU live
  • Supervises process of creation and use in ONU informational, automated systems and networks
  • For maintenance of effective support of new information technologies takes part in the organization of process of training of employes
  • Provides coordination of works in the field of use of program and telecommunication means
  • Carries out monitoring development of information systems, software, bases and databanks, cooperates with structures which suggest new program and technical means in the computer market
  • Together with a material department carries out the control of use of computer systems, software of computer facilities and the peripheral equipment which is in using in divisions of ONU and develops recommendations concerning conformity of their level to a level of problems which are solved in divisions in quantitative and qualitative aspects
  • Supervises performance of safety precautions regulations at work with computer techniques.

From the moment of DCT foundation was done a stupendous work which result been lead to:

  • Construction of a uniform local computer network at university
  • Creation of the powerful server group, capable to solve the diversified tasks
  • Opening of own hosting - platform that has allowed to have at itself all sites of university subjects
  • Start of official post service ONU with use of the high technologies
  • Introduction of set of auxiliary services in a network (updating of anti-virus bases and OS Windows, synchronization of time, FTP-archive, audio-conferences, broadcasting)
  • Granting of access in international network INTERNET for all users of ONU LAN (and also - educational network GEANT)
  • The prototype of system of remote training (all-round testing is carried out) is created
  • Together with the Kherson state university developed the informational-analytical system (IAS) and takes root in ONU frameworks

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