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Informational portal of ONU

Informational internet-portal of Odessa I.I. Mechnikova national university is created in purpose of the improved presentation of ONU in Internet. The Portal allows to unite all internet-facility of the university and thematic information projects on united information platform.

The Purpose of the portal - a realization of new standards in organizations and data wares of the educational process on all its stages.

The Primary tasks of the information portal are:
- an integration of Odessa I.I. Mechnikova national university's informational resources in to Internet;
- an ensuring the principles of openness and elucidation of ONU activity in Internet;
- a making the ambience of the interaction of the people, public bodies, mass media with subdivisions of the university;
- operative information of Ukrainian and world community about events in Odessa I.I. Mechnikova national university scientifically-educational, public-political, social-economic and cultural process;
- scholastic-methodical accompaniment of the educational process;
- an agitation work with students;
- an advertisement scientifically-educational achievements of ONU.

The Auditorium, on which is oriented portal:
- a teachers and students;
- a graduate students and competitors;
- a students and their parents;
- a managers of an education;
- a scientific workman's and analysts;
- all, who is interested by questions of the formation and to whom interesting ONU.

Creation and support of the information portal
On given moment designing, development normative document, checking for work on creation internet-portal, as well as the most further information support is executed by initiative group on behalf of employee and student of the university, which leads Dragunovskiy N.N.

Separate thanks to Alyanchikov Yevgen student to professions  "Mechanics"  (the chair of "Theoretical mechanical" engineers  IMEM ONU) for executed work on making the design, programming database and managerial system by contents of the portal.

Technical support internet-project realizes the division of the computer technology and software ONU.

Respectfully yours, authors of the project - Dragunovsky N.N.  , Yakovlev E.A. 

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